How many clients could you see if your business could run itself?

And what would that do for your social impact as well as your bottom line?

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Do you ever feel like running your business gets in the way of seeing clients?

Perhaps you’re nearing your maximum client capacity, yet farther than you’d like from your income goals.

Your family misses you.  Your friends miss you.  You miss yourself.

In order to keep up with all your clients and their insurance companies, there’s barely time to breathe anymore, let alone enjoy life again.

All this leads to feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, working harder and harder but never quite moving forward in the way you’ve always dreamed.

You need a way to reclaim your time; to take control of your practice rather than letting your practice run you.

OnePoint allows you to provide your clients with the highest quality care while reclaiming your time for yourself.

Simply leave the rest to us.


Prepaid session blocks

Allow your clients to prepay for blocks of time with you. This makes it easier for your clients to schedule time, and easier for you to predict and control your practice revenue.



Online appointments

Let your clients schedule time with you online from a computer or their mobile device.  Two-way Google Calendar sync eliminates double booking for good.



Unscheduled appointment reminders

Automatically remind your clients when they haven’t set any appointments with you in a set number of days. OnePoint ensures you will never lose track of a client again.


We’ve got you covered from start to finish

Onboarding Clients: Your First Interaction

Interacting with you needs to be easy for your clients from the very start of your relationship. 

From signing disclosures or agreements, to providing their insurance information, or even uploading a copy of their insurance card, OnePoint makes this process seamless.

You design the experience you want your client to have, and we create it for you in your portal.

Because signing on a new client should be easy for both the client and you.

Insurance Follow Up: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Our optional insurance follow up module allows you to track amounts billed to and received from each individual insurance company.  You’ll be able to easily track amounts billed, owed, and received, so follow up can be done easily and quickly.  One glance at the follow up dashboard and you’ll quickly see the status of each insurance company.

Once you’re looking at the insurance company project, you will quickly be able to tell amounts owed, and discuss multiple claims at once with the representative.

No more spreadsheet nightmares from trying to figure out who owes you how much.

Caring for Your Clients in New Ways

In order to ensure clients are not suffering in silence, it’s important they are reminded of your presence and willingness to help in times of need.  We can set your installation to automatically remind the client when it’s been a predetermined number of days (set by you, of course) since their last session.

If you have info products available for sale, such as ebooks, research papers, or other such helpful resources, these can be easily monetized using OnePoint.  This includes blog posts, YouTube videos, or any other type of content you create.

There’s even a complete Learning Management System (“LMS”) in OnePoint, so you can create your own classes and offer them to your clientele, either free or as a paid service.

All these resources provide additional value to your clients while at the same time creating new revenue streams for your practice.

Everybody wins.

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