Modern Ministry: A New Vision in a Technological World

Modern Ministry: A New Vision in a Technological World

The Problem:

How can ministers effectively connect with their audience in a modern society?


The modern practitioner knows that an online presence is necessary to reach the masses… but most religious practitioners are not also web experts.

The practitioners have an unfair choice to make:

Learn a new discipline in order to advance their life’s work


Continue using their best skills and remain stuck.

These weight of this choice always has a negative impact on the religious practitioner’s motivation, and will not connect the minister with their desired audience.

When practitioners are unable to participate in their community or to make any visible difference, it leads to powerful feelings of dissatisfaction with their work; it creates pressure on them and makes them feel like giving up.

A minister’s lack of motivation and depression negatively affects their ability to support their local community, deepening feelings of despair.

The current level of spiritual support through Ministering is particularly low and dwindling as Americans’ attitudes about religion shift from a deep sense of meaning in adherence to strict religious commands, toward more individualized beliefs that are not necessarily rooted in any one religious tradition or doctrine.


The Solution

The Three Pillars of Success


Your desire to serve.

A community in need.

Tools to reach your community.

First, and most important, is your desire to serve.


Although it sounds basic, it’s an important reminder that even with the most advanced tools and powerful systems available, a burnt-out minister simply cannot be effective. This first part is entirely up to you.

If your drive to serve is still strong despite current hardships, keep reading.

Second, you need a community to serve.


Do you have a current base of people who turn to you regularly for assistance, or are you still looking for your own group of seekers? It’s important to find and connect with those around you and in your broader community as well as locally.

Whether your community has found you yet or not, we can help you find, grow, and nurture your own local community (and the community at large), blessing many people for years to come. Without regular attention and nourishment, even the tightest knit of communities will wither.

We can help you keep tabs on your community and ensure this will never happen under your watch.

Lastly, you need proper tools to connect to your community.


Regardless of the size of your audience, you need to be able to meet your community where they are, whenever they have the time and availability.

The tools absolutely must be simple and easy for anyone to use, from the youngest seekers to our dearest seniors, and everyone of all ability levels in between.

Imagine the Future


With our custom solution, you will be able to start growing and nurturing your audience from the first day we go live.

You’ll be able to catch the attention of people who truly need your help, and you’ll be reaching out to many more people at one time than you ever thought possible with very little administrative effort required.


Advanced automation powered by artificial intelligence puts the business end of your ministry on auto-pilot and helps grow your ministry for you 24/7, even while you sleep.

As time goes on, you will organically and effortlessly establish long-term relationships with your community members as they find blessings from being a part of your community and connecting with other members.


Learn More


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In this call, you’ll learn some of the best ways to address the issues that face modern religious practitioners, even if you don’t end up working with us.