WordPress LifeLine: Ongoing Support for a Bright Future

Maintaining a WordPress installation is not easy.


It requires frequent attention, and on many occasions, it requires technical knowledge to recover from an error or misconfiguration.

Maybe you’ve already utilized our WordPress HotFix service to correct a critical error on your website.

If it happened once, it could happen again. 

If your site goes down frequently, visitors will lose respect for your company in the local  community, and it will be infinitely harder to earn trust.

How can you keep your WordPress site running smoothly?

Our WordPress LifeLine service provides you with everything you need to support your WordPress installation without lifting a finger.

There are no recurring contracts, and you’re not required to change hosting providers. 

All services in the LifeLine program are available individually, and there’s even discounts for semi-annual, or annual billing.


Pro tip: WordPress LifeLine is for ongoing security and peace of mind. For emergency support when your WordPress site is down, take a look at our WordPress HotFix.

Services include:

  • High-speed cloud-based hosting.
  • Updates to WP core, plugins, and themes.
  • 48-hours of full site backups.
  • Total site security to eliminate DDoS attacks and others.
  • Optimization for faster loading times and higher search rankings.

All services in the WP LifeLine program are available individually or in any combination, based on what services are appropriate for you. We will go over your unique situation on our call together and recommend the best service(s) for you.

Need help?


We can keep your WordPress site running better, faster, and with rock solid stability.

Go ahead and schedule a convenient time to learn how you can reclaim your work days.