SuiteDash Partnero Integration

Grow your SuiteDash business with your own customized affiliate program.

SuiteDash Partnero Integration

Grow your SuiteDash business with your own customized affiliate program.

SuiteDash & Partnero Integration: A Perfect Match

You’ve already discovered the robust power of SuiteDash, and now are ready to grow your business.  After trying to create your own affiliate program using WordPress plugins and Excel spreadsheets, you’ve finally had enough.

It’s time to get serious about growing your business.

You’re ready to create an affiliate or customer referral program, but just don’t have the technical expertise to make it happen.

Perhaps you’ve already found the strength in Partnero as an affiliate platform, but are confused about how to get it to work with SuiteDash.

Not to worry.  We have you covered!

Done-for-You Connections

Clear Sky Technologies is currently developing a number of exciting integrations for the SuiteDash platform, with the release of the Partnero connection at the forefront.

Our connections are built on our ClearConnect platform.  This allows us to create and manage a license key for you, allowing you to add only the connections that serve your unique business model.

As we release new features, they will be available to anyone with a current ClearConnect plan.  You will be able to select and install the connections yourself seamlessly, allowing you to craft your own service package.

In all cases, the primary advantage is that we mange the connection for you.  We house the code, we add features, security patches, etc.

All you do is run your business and enjoy the additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

The solution consists of two parts:

First, there is a WordPress plugin which you will need to install on your WordPress website.  This allows you to use a shortcode on your website to create a special form.  When submitted, this form creates the contact in your SuiteDash portal, as well as captures the affiliate ID of the referrer.

Second, you will need to set up a few auto-templates in SuiteDash to send webhooks to the ClearConnect API whenever you wish to grant credit to your affiliate for a sale.

As long as all credentials are completed, and all licenses are active, this connection allows you to make a sale in SuiteDash while tracking and paying commissions via Partnero.

What do I need first?

In order to make this magical connection happen, you will need a few things:

  • A Pinnacle plan SuiteDash account.
  • An active Partnero subscription.
  • An active ClearConnect license
  • Partnero ClearConnect add-on.
  • Active WordPress website.

What is ClearConnect?

ClearConnect is our API license management platform.  It allows us to create unique license keys, and to control access to our custom WordPress plugins, SuiteDash integrations, and other custom development projects.  

This allows us to support the base infrastructure required to offer integrations of this nature.  It also prevents you from having to pay for the base infrastructure every time you add on a new connection, meaning the more features you add, the more money you save.  

We did this as a way to prevent our clients from overpaying when they subscribe to multiple integrations.  It also makes for a central license management platform which can be automated for a seamless experience. 

All in all, we feel the ClearConnect model provides the best customer experience. 

This is always our goal. 

How much does ClearConnect cost?

ClearConnect is a simple flat $25 monthly.  This allows us the resources necessary to maintain a fully-featured and automated licensing system, while preventing you from overpaying on additional new connections. 

How much does the Partnero integration cost?

The Partnero-SuiteDash connection regular retail price is $40 monthly.  

Sweetheart Promotion:

Since SuiteDash and Partnero make such a sweet couple, we wanted to do a Sweetheart Promotion to celebrate! 

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Where can I get Partnero?

From their partner portal to partner analytics, their feature-rich platform eliminates the need for in-house solutions. Focus on growing and building your partnerships instead.

Get Partnero Today

Where can I get SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is a robust, powerful, automated software for running modern business. 

  • Invoicing
  • E-signatures
  • File sharing
  • Forms
  • Subscriptions
  • Automations
  • So much more!

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