Elevate Your Hosting Game with PowerHost

Built On SuiteDash, Fueled by Passion

Elevate Your Hosting Game with PowerHost

Built on SuiteDash,

Fueled by Passion

PowerHost is not just a hosting management solution; it’s a hosting growth solution.

Our integration seamlessly extends the capabilities of SuiteDash, transforming it into a full-featured platform for hosting resellers, on top of its native suite of powerful business tools.

With PowerHost, onboarding is a breeze.  Bring on as many hosting clients as you can service since the entire onboarding process is hands-free. 

And the best part? Since SuiteDash doesn’t charge based on the number of users, PowerHost allows you to scale your business as large as you like without increasing costs.

PowerHost is ready to serve.

Are you ready to soar?

Help When You Need It

At Clear Sky Technologies, we understand that help is essential when you need it. Whether you require assistance with SuiteDash, hosting, or domains, each respective provider has talented support teams available for you.

However, when it comes to connecting all these elements seamlessly, this is where we excel. PowerHost brings everything together, ensuring smooth and efficient hosting management processes.

With Clear Sky Technologies, you’ll receive the expert guidance and support you need to elevate your hosting game by bringing all these tools into harmony.

Let’s grow together.

Powered by SuiteDash

PowerHost is powered by SuiteDash, the robust all-in-one business software platform.  SuiteDash allows you to tailor your PowerHost installation to run your business the way you want.  

Along with the power of a hosting platform like PowerHost, you also get the full benefits of SuiteDash and all its business management prowess, along with the extensive documentation, YouTube videos, SuiteDash Academy, and not to mention their talented support team. 

What could be better? 

introductory pricing

Pricing below represents introductory rates.  Prices will be going up in the future so get onboard today to lock in your pricing forever!

That’s right!

As long as you keep your subscription active and don’t cancel or terminate, you will forever preserve these prices for the lifetime of your account.

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PowerHost Requirements

PowerHost connects your server, your CRM, and your domain management. 

You bring the services, and we connect them together for you.  This lets you use whatever hosting provider you like while you enjoy full access to all of SuiteDash’s features and professional support.  

Keep reading to understand what you’ll need in order to use PowerHost. 

Requirement #1: SuiteDash Pinnacle Account


PowerHost is built on the foundation of SuiteDash.  It’s important to understand that PowerHost is a custom buildout of the SuiteDash platform.  This gives you the flexibility to run your business the way you see fit.  You can even take your PowerHost installation and customize it further to suit your needs, thanks to the adaptability of SuiteDash.

Be sure to sign up for the Pinnacle plan, otherwise you will not have the automations necessary to keep your hosting business running smoothly (AKA: PowerHost won’t work).

Even if you don’t use PowerHost, SuiteDash is the most robust business portal software on the market and would benefit anyone in any industry.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Requirement #2: Reseller Hosting Account


You’ll also need a reseller hosting account to use PowerHost.  There are many good hosting providers on the market, and we have dealt with several ourselves.

Already have a hosting provider?  You are welcome to continue using them with PowerHost.  The only requirement is that you will need a WHM installation to connect with our system.  If your provider allows you to use WHM to manage your hosting, then your current provider will work just fine with PowerHost.

If you do not yet have a hosting provider, we would like to recommend HostDango.  We use them for all our hosting needs and have found their service and value to be far superior to other companies we have used in the past.

Still need a hosting provider?

Discover the new standard in web hosting management.

Questions? Book a call

If you’re unsure or have questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a one-on-one call with Isaac, our friendly expert, to discuss your needs and explore how PowerHost can revolutionize your hosting reseller business.


Ready? Let's go!

If you’re ready to get start, simply complete our intake form so we can invite you to our portal.  Once inside our portal, you’ll sign the agreement, pay the invoice, and begin your PowerHost journey.  We look forward to meeting you!